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3D Printing Services

RMD offers industrial grade 3D printing, allowing you and your company for rapid prototyping or manufacturing of production parts. We offer wide range of materials – high impact strentgh, high ductility/elongation or high thermal resistance.

We offer 3D printing of continuous fibre reinfroced parts:

  • carbon fibre
  • glass fibre
  • high temperature glass fibre
  • aramid fibre

which allows for manufacturing of parts with strength comparable to aluminum.

Continous carbon fibre reinforcement in parts manufactured by RMD allows to use them as alternative for traditionally manufactured components:


With use of continuous aramid fibres, we can achieve enormous impact resistance of printed parts. This allows to manufacture production components for variety of sectors, where structural integrity of part is critical.



We offer wide range of resins:

  • general purpose – medium mechanical and temperature strength, good for prototyping and low-load functional components
  • elastic materials – suitable for sealing applications or functional parts requiring high elasticity
  • engineering grade – for functional components, requiring medium mechanical strentgh and thermal resistance
  • advanced engineering materials – (PEEK, PAEK, etc.), with high mechanical and thermal resistance, suitable even to the harshest enviroments and conditions.


RMD will help you in material selection process, optimization of your part and will deliver your component within days.

Start utilizing the power of industrial grade 3D printing – contact us at: